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Headaches Specialist

Princeton Pain and Spine Institute -  - Pain Management Specialist

Princeton Pain and Spine Institute

Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist located in Lawrenceville, NJ and Edgewater, NJ

Dr. Dinash Yanamadula and his staff at Princeton Pain & Spine Institute are capable of offering pain management programs for all types of pain including headaches and joint discomfort. The doctor serves the residents of Lawrenceville and Edgewater, New Jersey and many surrounding communities.

Headache Q & A

Can Stress Cause Headaches?

Stress is a prominent cause of many headaches. A headache can be caused by the tightness in the neck muscles that often results from a person being placed under extreme levels of stress. When the body is placed in a situation where its "fight or flight" defense mechanism is triggered, chemicals are released throughout the body and in the brain that boosts the body's performance. Individuals who constantly face this level of stress, either through fear or worry, can begin to have chronic headaches. Tension headaches are often described as intense pain that is similar to a band being tightened around the head, increasing pressure and resulting in varying degrees of pain.

Can Chronic Headaches be Caused by Back Injuries?

Back injuries can lead to a host of other problems throughout the body, including chronic headaches and migraines. Dislocations of the vertebrae anywhere along the spine, including the neck can put pressure on the muscles at the base of the skull. This pressure can then tighten the muscles of the scalp leading to inflammation. Depending on where the inflammation is and how it affects the blood flow to the brain, chronic headaches can develop that range in severity. Many people who have received back injuries report chronic headaches and migraines as regular occurrences long after the back injury has healed.

Are Migraines Preventable?

The question concerning the prevention of migraines will have to be answered by what causes them. If a person's migraines are caused by an injury that has caused permanent damage to the brain or spine, or a neurological disorder, then the answer would more than likely be no. If the migraines are triggered by strong smells, bright lights, extreme levels of stress, or exposure to certain chemicals, it may be possible to prevent them. Learning what a person's specific triggers are will allow them to avoid being exposed to them. Pain management plans can be formulated that will be readily available if a migraine occurs, but limiting exposure to the triggers is the key to preventing them.

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At Princeton Pain and Spine, we accept most major insurance plans. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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