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Princeton Pain and Spine Institute excels in obtaining functional improvement for the patient through interventional treatment, physical therapy and medication management if warranted. The utilization of a multi-modality treatment plan will allow the patient to return to working capacity as quickly as possible.

Princeton Pain and Spine Institute realizes that the earlier the patient returns to the work environment with decreased pain levels, the less chance there is for long term establishment of disability from an emotional, physical and psychological state.

  • Expedient scheduling for intake, intervention(s), and follow-up.
  • Effective manage the patient from start to finish, via medication optimization, precise physical therapy recommendations for the current condition, NCV/EMG testing on site by the physician without a need to refer, and providing interventional treatment on site or at a designated surgical center.
  • Expertise in treating a myriad of painful spine and joint conditions due to injuries utilizing algorithmic treatment plans in order to achieve a painless state in order to expedite the patients return to work.
  • Delivers consistent results and positive outcomes for different painful conditions at every age and injury mechanisms, as proven by thousands of patient successes.
  • Powerful intermediary between the surgery, neurology and physical therapy disciplines.


Princeton Pain and Spine Institute

Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist located in Lawrenceville, NJ and Edgewater, NJ

Dinash Yanamadula, M.D., F.A.A.P.M.R., F.A.A.P.M.., is board certified in Pain Management and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and he is fellowship trained in Interventional Pain Management and Sports Medicine. At his practice, the Princeton Pain and Spine Institute, located in Lawrenceville and Edgewater, New Jersey, Dr. Yanamadula helps his patients from throughout Mercer County to find relief from the pain associated with accident related injury, shingles, migraines, issues with the spine, neck, back, and other joints.

He completed his internship at Temple University/Frankford Hospital and completed a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the prestigious University of Chicago/Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital.

He furthered his education to pursue a fellowship in Interventional Pain Management and Sports Medicine at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Medicine of Hawaii, where he served as Chief Fellow.

Dr. Yanamadula’s multidisciplinary approach caters to each individual in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.  He has successfully treated thousands of patients, ridding them of their pain, without having to resort to surgery. Dr. Yanamadula’s special interests are in the area of low back pain, neck pain, nerve pain, and in the diagnosis and treatment of joint pain.

Many different modalities are utilized at Princeton Pain and Spine Institute ranging from medication utilization to optimize pain relief, to implementing a physical therapy program tailored to the individual's condition and if those modalities are not effective than minimally invasive procedures may be used. If these treatments are not effective, Dr. Yanamadula will then make every effort to guide you in the right direction for further care.  

Among the minimally invasive treatments offered in the office or at the surgical center under anesthesia that Dr. Yanamadula specializes in includes:

  • Fluoroscopically guided injections along the spine –  helps alleviate low back and neck pain
  • Trigger point injections – helps in the management of myofascial pain joint
  • Joint and soft tissue injections – used in the upper and lower extremities in treating joint and muscle disorders
  • Other diagnostic tools utilized are NCV/EMG studies when warranted

In his previous practice, Dr. Yanamadula developed a ‘Center of Excellence’ – such that his commitment to patient care and excellence in his craft as the reason that he was selected by St. Jude Medical, Neuromodulation Division, to train physicians from around the country in neuromodulation techniques. His practice was one of the three centers in Florida that were honored with this distinction.

What we offer




Pragmatic and Extensive Specialized Medical Training.

Precise Customized Pain Treatment Plan Creation Individualized to Each Patient's Needs.

Significantly Proven Non Surgical and Minimally Invasive Pain Management Outcomes in Thousands of Patients.

Interactive and Accessible Patient Care and Support.

We will be closing the Riverview location effective April 15th, 2022.


725 River Road Suite 201A
Edgewater, New Jersey 07020


Telephone: 609-512-1674 for appointments and general inquiries.

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Dinash Yanamadula, MD is proudly featured as the Greater Princeton Area's Ask The Doctor's Physician of the Month website. Additionally, Dr. Yanamadula answers important questions on how he proficiently treats and diagnoses low back pain in Lawrenceville, NJ and surrounding areas on page 2 of the newest edition of Greater Princeton Area's Ask The Doctor Magazine. Be sure read the article to get the answers to your important low back pain questions.

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At Princeton Pain and Spine, we accept most major insurance plans. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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