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Car Accident Specialist

Princeton Pain and Spine Institute -  - Pain Management Specialist

Princeton Pain and Spine Institute

Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist located in Lawrenceville, NJ and Edgewater, NJ

Dr. Dinash Yanamadula and the staff at Princeton Pain & Spine Institute serve the residents of Lawrenceville and Edgewater, New Jersey and the surrounding towns of Princeton, Hamilton and Trenton. The doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries received in car accidents and other mishaps.

Car Accident Injuries Q & A

Can Neck Injuries Cause Headaches?

Neck injuries that result from car accidents can and do cause headaches. The stress and strain on the muscles and connective tissues in the neck can result in inflammation that eventually will restrict blood flow to and from the brain. If the inflammation is left untreated, this can result in migraines that can be extremely debilitating. Neck injuries that are not treated can result in chronic pain in both the neck and shoulders. Any neck injury should be examined by a doctor to ensure that no permanent damage has been done to the structure of the neck. This will ensure that inflammation is kept to a minimum and blood flow through the area will not be restricted.

Why Is Whiplash So Painful?

Whiplash is the sudden, jerking movement of the head, first forward, then backward, with extreme force. Part of the reason this type of injury is so painful is that the muscles and connective tissues that form the neck must always be in use keeping the head erect and allowing it to move from side to side. The structure is the sole support for the head, and, when an injury like whiplash occurs, it is substantially weakened in almost every aspect. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons are stretched past the point of resistance. This can result in micro-tears and stretching that can be extremely painful until the area has had a chance to heal sufficiently.

Is Interventional Pain Management Effective for Accident Related Injuries?

Interventional Pain Management utilizes a variety of invasive techniques to block and relieve pain. Treatments can include facet joint injections, nerve blocks, spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation and more. These techniques effectively address pain related to accident related injuries. While the pain is blocked and the body is more relaxed treatments to heal the injury are administered.

Major Insurances Accepted

At Princeton Pain and Spine, we accept most major insurance plans. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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