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Dinash Yanamadula, MD, FAAPMR, FAAPM -  - Pain Management Specialist

Princeton Pain and Spine Institute

Dinash Yanamadula, MD, FAAPMR, FAAPM

Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist located in Lawrenceville, NJ and Edgewater, NJ

62 total reviews

Dr. Dinash Yanamadula always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 62 reviews with an average rating of 4.97 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Dinash Yanamadula below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Barbara W.
Submitted 02/08/18
Dr. Yanamadula keeps one VERY informed. Very hands on and cares about ones treatment. A HUGE thank you!
Gerard D.
Submitted 02/07/18
Dr Y is a great guy. Very professional and helpful. Not everyone does what he does and of the ones that do, he’s top notch.
Submitted 02/04/18
Bernard P.
Submitted 01/29/18
Wow the team blew me away with their level of kindness very impressive. I got to meet Dr.Y I told him my symptoms and he explained to me every detail what is going on with my pain... Goodbye old Doc hello new... if your having pain I recommend Dr.Y and his staff I seriously wish I knew about Dr.Y years ago.
Camille D.
Submitted 01/14/18
I became a patient of Dr. Yanamadula's in September 2017 after suffering from chronic low back pain for 15 years. I started to feel like low back pain was something that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life until I saw all of the positive reviews online for Dr. Yanamadula and this different approach that he has to helping his patients. From the moment I first called to inquire if they were accepting new patients, I knew that the reviews were right and that my experience with him and his team would be different. Marina, who did my intake questionnaire over the phone, was so kind and sympathetic when I explained my experience with low back pain/other doctors and confidently explained how Dr. Yanamadula's approach is different. When I went for my first appointment and met Dr. Yanamadula, I knew that she was correct and that he was different than the doctors I had seen in the past. He took the time to review the various MRIs and other spinal scans that I'd had done and so he had an informed plan when we met. He listened to any concerns that I had and, most importantly, he thoroughly explained everything instead of assuming that you are an expert which had been my experience at some other doctors. His entire staff is so kind, knowledgeable, and professional - they called after each procedure to see how I was doing and to remind me to call the office if I needed anything. It has been 4 months since I started seeing Dr. Yanamadula and my back pain is at least 50% if not 70% better. I chose to leave a review because of all of the positive reviews that I read which helped lead me to Dr. Yanamadula. I hope that this review can resonate with someone who feels that their situation with back pain is hopeless because I was in that same situation and can attest to the fact that Dr. Yanamadula's approach is different and it works.
Heather M.
Submitted 12/12/17
I have been coming to Dr. Yanamadula for over two years now and he is the only sports medicine/pain specialist I will ever see. Dr. Y listens, really listens. He sits with you to listen to all of your concerns and come up with an effective, safe, efficient treatment plan that you are comfortable with. If you have an issue out-of-office, he will address that, too. He goes above and beyond to help his patient-be it getting an MRI approved by an insurance company, following up on your progress, or patiently responding to any issue or question you may have. I present a very difficult combination of diagnoses-from MS to RA and more. Dr. Y took on my case and improved my quality of life. He is an excellent physician and just a good man. Additionally, Merina and everyone who works at PP&S are absolutely the most patient-oriented professionals I've ever encountered. Everything about this practice is excellent. Thank you Dr. Yanamadula, Merina and everyone at Princeton Pain & Spine!
Michael M.
Submitted 10/30/17
Excellent Doctor that wants to help you & cares! Living with chronic back pain flat out stinks and effects your entire life and others you live with. People who do not have chronic back pain do not understand what its like to endure this on a daily basis. I feel he knows when people are genuinely miserable and works hard to treat your ailment(s) and keep you comfortable. My back drives me crazy (I think why me?) and Im fairly young (early 40's) but at least I can continue to do the activities I enjoy because of him. This is a Dr. that wants to treat and fix your issues not push pain medicine. I think pain is tricky to treat and very individualized. Some days can be much tougher to deal with than others. He will work with you and try different procedures (as needed) to try and eliminate or reduce your pain. He listens, he cares, has helped me and many others. I highly recommend making and appointment and see what he can do for you! Every staff member is very friendly, acomidating and helpful. This Dr has made a huge difference in my life. See what he can do for you! Best wishes to all... MikeM from Ewing, NJ
Daniel M.
Submitted 10/18/17
I actually was visiting with my wife foot a pinched nerve and then asked about my lower back pain I've had for many years. Well I'm now finished my last treatment and wow ! Feel like a new person. Can't believe it. I'm so happy thank you Dr. Dinash!
Kim M.
Submitted 10/16/17
I have been a patient of Dr. Yanamadula's for approximately two years now. I suffer with Psoriatic Arthritis, severe Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia. The girls at the front desk are always pleasant with smiles on their faces. If you happen to be in the waiting room for a bit, they will offer you a snack and/or water. Dr. Yanamadula has relieved my chronic pain with different types of treatment multiple times. If I happen to experience a flare of any of my conditions, his staff will fit me in as soon as possible. Dr. Y is friendly, caring and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who needs pain management for any condition.
Rebecca F.
Submitted 09/28/17
Dr. Yanamadula is such a wonderful doctor for so many reasons. He is so easy to talk to and so approachable, he makes you feel like you are with an old friend who's worried about you rather than any old doctor who's just looking forward to billing your insurance company and getting you out as quickly as possible. My husband is actually his patient and I frequently tag along as I am in nursing school and enjoy learning as much as I can, anywhere I can. That being said, Dr. Y treated my husband with the best of care for as long as possible. He even told him DO NOT get surgery, when we first started seeing him. It wasn't until after numerous and several different kinds of treatments did not work on my husband that Dr. Y even considered my husband a candidate for surgery. While not the surgeon who did the back surgery, he is the Dr. responsible for all his aftercare and pain management. Had my husbands issue been nerve damage, or a pinched disc, or anything other than what it was, I have no doubt Dr. Y would have fixed him. My husband still sees Dr. Y for his continues pain management care, and his other degenerative conditions and we could not be happier with him and his treatments. His staff is also always extremely warm and inviting an friendly, and fast! And we all know thats saying a lot when it comes to being in a waiting room. I would, and have, in fact, recommended Dr. Y to many a friends and coworkers with neck or back or hip and leg pain, as I know he is extremely progressive with treatment and if he cant fix you, no one can. Thank you Doc. We love you. Sincerely, Rebecca and Bruce Fox
Pamela B.
Submitted 08/05/17
Dr Yanamadula is kind and compassionate. You'd think I could leave that out but he's the first pain interventionist I've met that I can say that about. He's also an amazing doctor dedicated to relieving his patients' pain. After two months I can move my neck pain free for the first time in SIX YEARS. To me it feels like a miracle. But that's not the end. He plans to work with me on other areas that are causing acute and chronic pain. He can do that because he actually speaks with me and listens. I could not be happier with the care I've received in this office. Also the staff is extremely kind and helpful. They are efficient with paper work, but more, they treat each patient with respect. I'm just thrilled that after so many years of no hope I've finally found Dr. Yanamadula and his staff.
Judy G.
Submitted 07/28/17
this is the most friendly, kind,, understanding Dr and staff that i have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs a great Dr and staff that you will be comfortable and happy because they truly care!!
William K.
Submitted 05/19/17
In my experience of being in chronic pain every day for over 6 years and seeing a litany of doctors in multiple states, it is rare to find a doctor that not only has natural, God-given talent and has done the utmost to perfect their craft, but is also genuinely compassionate. Dr. Yanamadula, a fellowship trained consummate professional, absolutely fits this description. It is apparent that his life mission is to vanquish the pain of his patients, while being someone who listens, is trustworthy, and empathetic to each individual patient's needs. Being fellowship trained also allows for Dr. Yanamadula to perform most procedures in his office, further quelling the stress and anxiety that pain suffers already feel. His staff, much like Dr. Y, is compassionate, caring and understanding. I feel blessed to have found his practice and am extremely grateful for all that they do. Quite honestly, he is the only doctor that has truly helped me with my chronic medical condition. It is a fact that not all doctors are created equally.
Yesenia D.
Submitted 05/10/17
Excellent and very good service, very nice people there,the doctor really understands my pain that I have more than 5 months. Recommend this doctor to everybody.
Alyssa W.
Submitted 03/31/17
Unlike most of the reviews, I am not a patient of Dr. Yanamadula, but I did work for him for almost 3 years. Working for Dr. Yanamadula was the experience of a liftetime. Princeton Pain and Spine Institute was an incredible opportunity I learned more working here than any other job I've ever had. Dr. Yanamadula is one of the most caring, selfless, and compassionate doctors I have ever met. I've worked in many different practices and many different specialist offices and you will never find a warmer, more caring, or happier environment then Princeton Pain and Spine Institute. Although I no longer work for Dr. Yanamadula I'm so grateful to have worked for him and served under him and really learned from him. He not only taught me how to be an attentive medical assistant and show optimal bedside manner, putting Patients First at all times, but he also showed me how to be a good person and the advice he has given me will carry me well beyond my goals. Working side by side with Dr. Yanamadula and his staff has been essential to my growth and development, not only in this feild, but as a person. I can only pray that I will be half as good a doctor, as Dr. Yanamadula. I will forever recommend Dr. Yanamaula for Interventional pain management to all of my friends, family, coworkers, and/or any individual in pain. I am immensely and eternally grateful. Internally I have received 100% improvement in any and all impairments from start to finish. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best Regards, Alyssa Watson R-MA
Eric E.
Submitted 03/17/17
Let's start with appointment arrival. You are first met with great big smiles and a warm hello from Alyssa and Denesia...and lets not forget Marina. All three perform different functions for Dr. Yanamadula, yet all three will assist you and make your office visit pleasant. They actually make it where you don't dread having to go into the office. If you'd like a water or a small snack (obviously if it doesn't affect a procedure you're scheduled for) to make your visit more memorable. Even when times arise where the office is extremely busy, they don't lose their cool, they push through and make your visit as nice as possible. Dr. Yanamadula is truly a blessing. He is rare, in the fact that he actually listens to you. He works with you. He understands. He just gets it. I've been through other Pain Management/Spine doctors and each of them made me feel worse. They were in and out of the visits on seconds and you could see the dollar signs in their eyes. Their staff is usually a little bit on the rude side as well. In a little over a year more progress has been made with Dr. Yanamadula than several years with other doctors. That is saying a lot. He works to identify and through his experience and knowledge most likely knows what plan of attack should be taken to relieve your pain, but he will alter it to suit your individual needs. He allows you to be part of your treatment plan making you feel like your opinion counts. That goes a long way! Trust me, I can go on and on about Dr. Yanamadula and his staff....but if you're reading this because you're seeking a pain management/spine doctor or perhaps you were referred...go and see for yourself. If you want a doctor with tremendous professional experience, the compassion to listen and understand your specific pain and needs, who involves you and keeps you informed, and actually cares....along with his truly awesome staff of pretty awesome ladies...make an appointment and visit Dr. Yanamadula, Mariana, Alyssa, and Denesia, you and your back/neck/sciatica/other specific pain a favor. Your body and pain will thank you. After which, you get to write a nice review that you actually mean and I don't ever write reviews.
Krysten F.
Submitted 12/14/16
Dr. Yanamadula and His Staff are a much needed Breath of Fresh Air in the Pain Management Groups. It took me TOO long to Find Dr Y. And his staff who treat me with respect and kindness; always willing to lend a hand; treating YOU as a whole person, no just your disease. I love that Dr Y really listens to ideas I have for recovery. It gives me a healthy sense of control over my pain, my life, and my future and healing. I can't say enough about the team. They're fabulous, cutting edge, and truly want to see you doing better. I drive about an hour, which isn't the easiest thing for me, but I drive an hour there and back to see Dr. Yanamadula. And he's worth it! And more! If you're tired of being mistreated or looked at as just another billable client, go see Dr Yanamadula NOW! There is HOPE xoxo
Brian B.
Submitted 12/12/16
I am so glad I chose Princeton Pain and Spine. The office staff was so courteous and helpful with all my needs. It felt like being with family. Dr. Y skill and expertise is by far the best. He explained exactly what procedure I was going to have and went in depth with what to expect before, during, and after. Also answered every question I had about how my procedure would benefit my specific situation for why I needed it. My golf game has improved now that I am pain free. I WILL recommend PPS to anyone and everyone I can. Couldn't be happier with my experience. Brian Bush
Kathleen A.
Submitted 12/08/16
I have been chronically ill for over 20 years and it has progressed continuously. I had been the care of an in-Network Dr. for over a year with little to no relief. My husband has spent countless nights sleeping on the couch, while I was up all night in pain with insomnia. The other doctor never examined me and performed no tests. Within my firs visit. Dr. Y ordered an MRI and found a broken disc in my back that looked like it had been cut with pinking shears. Within i weeks was receiving diagnostic nerve blocks and eventually ablation, which I will continue to have whenever I need it. He gave me something no other doctor cared to give, HOPE and FAITH. His bedside manner is phenomenal and his compassion for his patients is genuine. I am so very glad that I met Dr. Yanamadula, and now that I have, I know I will never need another doctor again.
Kathleen A.
Submitted 12/08/16
I have never met a doctor as compassionate and caring as Dr. Yanamadula. I have been ill with chronic disease for over 20 years. I finally had to go into pain management for over a year elsewhere with no relief at all. That doctor did not order one test, he just kept treating the pain with Celiac Plexus Nerve blocks and eventually pharmaceuticals. I have chronic gastroparesis which is extremely painful. At my first appointment, Dr. Yanamadula ordered an MRI, where he discovered a disc had broken in my back and was causing the pain to worsen and the gastroparesis to be uncontrollable. Dr. performed 2 diagnostic nerve blocks which proved to very successful and then did an ablation of each side of the spine where the disc is broken. All have been successful and I have something I haven't had in a very long time, HOPE and RELIEF! I would strongly recommend Dr. Yanamadula to anyone who is experiencing uncontrollable pain. After working with Dr. Yanamadula, I am so grateful that I met this amazing Doctor. Doctors who have a bedside manner like Dr. are hard to come, Dr. Yanamadula is 2nd to none and I would happily recommend him to anyone who has pain of any kind. Dr. does not give up on you. He is an extraordinary, unique individual who I am grateful to be in his care.
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